Intro and Character Creation Chapters Done!

22 09 2009

  I know all the mechanics for my game and I have a solid outline for the whole thing.  Right now it’s just a struggle to find the time to get the words in my head on to paper.  Here’s the first two chapters from the book: the Intro and Character Creation.

  LandofIllHarvestCC Download


Finding a Voice

8 09 2009

  I spent an hour today writing the introduction to the game.  It’s helping me find the game’s voice.  Through writing, I’m slowly exploring the game’s world.  Here’s a quick synopsis:

  In Northwest Kansas, there’s a big Freak Storm, full of voices on the wind and green lightning and all that pizzazz.  When everyone wakes up, they find themselves in a different world.  Their TV’s don’t work, their cars give a last shudder and die.  The highway is empty save for a few already-rusting husks of automobiles.  The barbwire fences have already dissolved.

  It’s like the rain softened the laws of the universe somehow.  Time flows differently, the seasons seem a little off-kilter.  Because of the great distance between the small towns and civilization, no one is able to leave.  Everyone now finds themselves in a time of brutal horror and quiet miracles where they must learn to live together.  This is a Land of Ill Harvest.

  I’ve also spent some time designing a system which I’m pretty happy with.  It’s a little bit of DitV (what game nowadays isn’t!), a little bit of FATE, with a dash of The Pool thrown in for flavor.  I’ll post more on the system later.