Character Ownership

12 09 2009

  You might have noticed that last post  followed an odd rule.  Basically, no player, not even the GM, can narrate something about another character.   They can narrate everything they do, even narrate about the objects the person’s holding (like when the GM narrated the cut made by Inkfist’s knife), but no one can state anything about another character.

  I’m including this rule first of all because I want the GM to be a lot closer to players in terms of narrative powers, and also because the system doesn’t really have any task resolution.  This forces players to wait until the dice have shown whether their action is in some way successful or gives them an advantage rather than just having a narrative free-for-all.

  The only part I would have worried about in terms of this rule was when the creature twisted out of Sam’s stranglehold.  I think the task in that action was to escape Sam, not his stranglehold, but if the player controlling Sam didn’t like it, then the two might just have to talk it out.  

  Other than cases like that, I think this rule will help eliminate the possibility of player conflict over the rules and let them get back to player conflict in the fiction.




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